Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How to make a kimono - video

Sorry it's been a bit quiet here for a little while.  I hope to publish more posts during this year.

To kick off the year, I'd like to share some videos about making a kimono. I was sent this link from a friend of mine and I found them so interesting I thought I would share them.
The videos are from Kyotoyuzen on Youtube and show the process of making a kimono from design to making up, it included they dying process, gold leaf, and embroidery. Fascinating.

The whole process is split up over a number of videos, this is the first in the series, just follow the numbers on Kyotoyuzen youtube channel to the next one on the list.

The names of all the videos begin with T so it's easy to follow the series.  The narration is in Japanese.  Kyotoyuzen also has a series of videos about yuzen dying using katazome which are amazing.


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Homeandfood said...

What an amazing and interesting post!

I would love for someone to make me a kimono.

Hope you are well, take care :) x