Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Silent Communication - advanced design

In March this year I attended a JE class in Bournemouth.  One of the great things about this class is meeting up with the other students and seeing what they have been doing.  On this occasion two students had completed advanced pieces, Silent Communication and Venerable Maple.  I have always admired both of these pieces and took many photos.  Both students kindly agreed to allow me to share some of these photos here.

First Silent Communication embroidered by Wendy Wier, a Phase 16 piece from JEC.  This is a two panel piece, each panel measures about 32inches long.  Enjoy.

Thank you Wendy, coming soon Venerable Maple.


coral-seas said...

I had only ever seen photographs of the whole design. I thought it was beautiful. Then I saw Wendy's Silent Communication at Bournemouth and was blown away by the beauty of it.

Thank you for the detail shots of this magnificant piece.

Lutine said...

It is wonderful

Zdolność-tworzenia said...

Urocze i perfekcjonalne.