Monday, 21 March 2011

Advanced Embroidery

The week before last Japanese Embroidery UK ran one of their twice yearly classes which I attended as a student. I go to these classes once a year, it's nice to spend the time reflecting on my own embroidery and to get help and advice from my Sensei and other advanced embroiderers. Normally classes last 5 days, this time however we had an extra weekend for tutors and advanced embroiderers.
This was a wonderful opportunity to sit and discuss new design ideas, look at lots of pictures, and to admire all the work that my embroidery friends have produced since I saw them last.
I have more pictures to share of all the work they have been doing but here is one to drool over.
Flower Cart, embroidered by Wendy Weir. This piece is huge, it's about 3ft long.


Plays with Needles said...

Absolutely stunning Jane. I am glad you enjoyed your time with your embroidery. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pieces. xo Susan

Larrik said...

Необыкновенно красивая вышивка !Браво !!!

Lutine said...

It is wonderful !

JeanneC said...

Both are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them, Jane. My compliments to Tanya and Wendy. Kusadama is coming along, slowly but surely, with a few new photos coming on Stitchin Fingers. Jeanne

shigatsuhana said...

Wow! These are really quite beautiful. Someday I will take one of these courses and finally get started.