Sunday, 17 May 2009

A very successful class

You may remember back in October last year we ran a taster class on Japanese embroidery and following that we advertised a four day phase class and another two day taster course. Well I'm pleased to say that in April at the Crofters Hotel in Garstang (near Preston) five of our original students returned to start their phase one piece, one was doing a pre-phase piece, and we had three new students doing the taster class.
I don't have many photos of the course as I was too busy running around assisting our tutor Denise to take many, so this is just a big thank you to all our ladies who were a joy all week, you all worked very hard and were lots of fun.
Denise, our tutor, and Colleen discuss a technique.
Bouquet from the Heart of Japan - copyright JEC. This version was embroidered by my JE colleague Sue.
We have dates for the next lot of classes in the North West which will follow the same format, all four days for the phase class and the last two days for the taster class - 22nd-25th October 2009 and 22nd-25th April 2010. If you would like more details, costs etc, please get in touch with me or with Denise.
If you'd like to find a list of qualified JEC tutors in your area click here (page down for UK tutors).
To meet us in person and see lots of examples of Japanese embroidery come and visit us at the Stitch and Creative Craft show at Manchester Central (GMEX) at the beginning of September.