Friday, 28 September 2007

World Exhibition, November 7th-18th, 2007

The Japanese Embroidery World Exhibition is an event co-sponsored by the Japanese Embroidery Center (JEC) and Kurenai-Kai, Ltd. of Japan. Held every four years in a new world city, works are put on display from the JEC and Kurenai-Kai workshops, as well as by students from the US, Japan, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other nations across the globe.

The World Exhibition will be held at the Kaetsu Centre in Cambridge and JEC will be renting the entire facility, including foyer, exhibition rooms, classrooms, and lecture hall. They plan to hold classes which will enable stitchers from all over the world to embroider together.
From Japan, Kurenai-Kai members have reproduced thirty-one stunningly gorgeous Kombuin Fukusa to be exhibited at the World Exhibition. Pieces such as Fan Screen, Flower Screen, Silent Communication, Crane series, etc., will also be on display.

Their hope is that stitchers from all over the world will gather in Cambridge, and share the spirit of Nuido all together. We look forward to having as many JEC members as possible participating with their friends and families in this special event.

For more information about the exhibition visit the JEC website

The embroidery shown here is not one of the display pieces, it is the companion design of 'Birds of Peace' (below) called 'Orchid' and is one of a series of small designs from JEC which I have stitched. Janey

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